Washing Machine Repair

A washing machine is a home appliance that is used for laundry. There are different types, depending on the type you go for. It can be installed anywhere around the house, provided it will function adequately in such a position. Just like any other appliance, it is bound to develop faults that might need the services of a professional repair contractor like Appliance Repair Experts Of Rockland County. We have a repair service that caters strictly for washing machine maintenance and repair. Different things can go wrong in a washing machine, but you don’t have to worry because we have capable technicians that can put it back into shape.

How Does A Washing Machine Work

The washing machine saves you time for other tasks by helping you to wash your clothes. Although it seems pretty straightforward, it is essential to know how a washing machine operates for it to wash your clothes efficiently. The first step is to put your clothes in the machine with detergent in the tray provided above. You then switch on the power and set the timer, and program how you want it to wash your clothes depending on the clothes you placed inside. Then the water valve opens through the detergent tray to rinse the detergent into the inner drum for it to begin washing properly. The thermostat regulates the water temperature before the inner drum starts to rotate when the washing takes place. The programmer is what regulates the draining and rinsing of the clothes in the inner drum.

The Parts Of A Washing Machine

The washing machine has many parts that make it function seamlessly while washing your cloth. Some of these parts include the inner drum. The inner drum is where you put your clothes and where water mixed with detergent is poured to start rotating and washing. It also rotates while it rinses and dries your clothes. On the other hand, the outer drum is a less prominent part that holds water when the inner drum rotates. It also prevents water from escaping from the inner drum on the floor. Another part is the agitator. It is a paddle that helps turn clothes during washing. The pump is responsible for draining water from the inner drum after washing. The pipes and valves transport water in and out of the inner drum during and after washing. Another essential part is the programmer which function is to regulate the washing machine from washing to rinsing, shining, and then drying.

Common Faults Of A Washing Machine

The washing machine can develop faults anytime, and you may need a technician’s services to fix it should in case it is beyond your know-how. Some of the common faults include unusual vibrations and sounds. This is usually caused by a water-damaged tub bearing. Another fault is when water doesn’t drain. This is usually due to a damaged water pump, which may need to be replaced. Other problems include when the inner drum doesn’t rotate or stops mid-cycle and the washer not dispensing detergent into the inner drum. Whatever the problem is, we have capable technicians that will do an excellent repair job.