Our Services

Our area of specialty is the maintenance and repair of household appliances. We have workers who have mastered the art of repairing your appliances in the most effective way that will enable you to enjoy your appliances to the fullest. We have stove and oven repair services that take care of any fault developed by your stove and oven. We make an adequate assessment before commencing repair to enable us to know how to go about repairing your stove or oven. Whenever we realize there needs to be a replacement on any of the parts, we ensure we are explicit about it and explain why it is best to replace any faulty part. Our workers have good work ethics and are honest about every piece of information they give you.

We also have repair services for washing machines and dryers. These are household appliances that are used to wash and dry your clothes. There few faults may occur in some of the parts of these appliances that won’t make them function optimally. We use efficient tools when you engage our repair services. Our workers are well trained to handle these tools for any form of repair on any type of washing machine or dryer. Our workforce is spread out and vast in the repair of different brands of household appliances, so you don’t have to worry about us not being able to repair your brand of appliances. We currently offer the following services: