Freezer Repair

Freezers are mainly used to preserve food items. It can keep the temperature in the freezer way below the normal room temperature. This makes food last longer as the temperature slows down the spoilage of food. As part of our services at Appliance Repair Expert of Rockland County, we provide special repair services for freezers. We have technicians who specialize in freezer maintenance and repairs. They are good at what they do, and they are aided by modern equipment that will ensure efficient freezer repair services. You get the value for your money when you engage our services.

Types Of A Freezer

Freezers are a common appliance in most homes and businesses nowadays. Although there are different types of freezers, there are 4 basic types of freezers you can go for depending on the purpose you want them to serve. The first type of freezer is the drawer freezer. This type of freezer is used mostly in large kitchens and is of cabinet height to fit into existing cabinets. It has different compartments, which is what makes it desirable for most people. Another type is the chest freezer. This type of freezer is regarded as economical because of its size. It is shaped like a small box with a door that opens upward. The upright freezer is another type of freezer. This is taller than the chest freezer, which means you do not have to bend down all the way to access the inside. That last type of freezer is the probable freezer which is mostly used to transport items that will spoil outside the appropriate temperature. This type of freezer uses both AC and DC power.

Parts Of A Freezer And Their Function

The ideal temperature of a freezer is below zero degrees. It is mostly used for frozen foods and ice cream. Some of the parts of a freezer include the light switch. This is automatic lighting that comes on when the freezer is open so as to allow you to view the inside of the freezer. The door gasket is a part that does not allow air to enter or escape from the freezer. It is a form of seal that makes sure the temperature of the freezer is intact. The drain pan serves the purpose of collecting defrost water. The shelves in the freezer help divide the freezer into compartments so as to arrange your food items. They are durable and are designed to hold a lot of weight.

Things That Can Go Wrong In A Freezer

Some common problem your freezer may face over time includes frost build-up. This type of issue happens when the defrost heater becomes faulty. Another problem is when your freezer starts to make funny noises. This occurs when the evaporator or the fan is faulty. Another problem is a faulty thermostat. This could lead to the freezer being warm and may spoil your stored food items. Appliance Repair Experts Of Rockland County has professional freezer repair workers that will save you from a faulty freezer.