Dryer Repair

A dryer is another household appliance that you can use for your laundry. It helps you dry your cloth in no time and saves you the hassle of having to spread your cloth outside and wait a while before it gets dry. Over time and with constant use, your dryer may develop faults that may be beyond your control. It may also develop faults due to lack of maintenance. Whichever way it develops any fault, Appliance Repair Experts of Rockland County is more than capable of offering its dryer maintenance and repair services. Our technicians are well equipped with knowledge and tools that are guaranteed to return your dryer to its original optimal state.

The Mechanism Of A Dryer

Dryers are an efficient way to dry your clothes after washing. Depending on the brand you buy, it is good to know how to operate it for it to function adequately. When you put your clothes in, you set the timer to your preferred time length for the dryer cycle. The flow of air inside the dryer determines how fast your cloth will dry. Air enters the dryer through openings on the body of the dryer, and the air is then heated by the thermostat, which is then circulated around the dryer by a blower or a fan. It is the heated air that dries up the cloth.

Parts Of A Dryer That Makes It Function Optimally

Every appliance has the parts that make it function as it should. The controls are the buttons and nubs that you use to control how the dryer will dry your cloth. To better understand the functions of the different control buttons, you can go through the manual that came with your dryer. The blower is another part of a dryer that controls the airflow. The air flow determines how fast your clothes will dry, and the blower is responsible for taking air to and fro the dryer. The exhaust duct is where the warm damp air is removed. Other parts of a fryer include the heating elements, drum, and lint trap.

Types Of Dryers

There are two major types of dryers. They are the gas dryers and the electric dryers. With a gas dryer, heat is produced with a gas burner. They are also known to dry faster than electric dryers because they can generate more heat. An electric dryer, on the other hand, generates heat through heating coils. It is also powered by electricity.

Faults That Can Occur During The Use Of A Dryer

Over time, your dryer may develop faults that you may need to address to continue using it without further problems. If you observe strange sounds or vibrations, it may result from a faulty dryer drum seal. Another problem is when clothes don’t get dry at the end of the inputted cycle. A faulty heating element could cause this. Other issues include a faulty thermal fuse and faulty thermostat. Without professional repair services, we can help you repair your dryer no matter the type you use, all at an affordable rate.