About Our Team

Virtually every household has one form of household appliance or the other. This is why we have thought it right to provide repair services for the people of Rockland County and its environs. We aim to help people with appliance problems and save them the cost of constant repair or getting a new appliance. We have our office in Rockland County, and we have built quite a reputation for ourselves. We are known for quality repair services. We have well-trained staff who are very cautious when they handle your appliances to avoid any form of further damage.

Before we start any repair on your faulty appliance, we assess what the fault could be to check if it has not affected any other part. This will also help us determine the type of repair method we will use so as not to cause further damage. Our repair techniques are systematic to return your appliance back to shape. Our charges are affordable for you. We know that most home appliances are needed every other day, so we have made them affordable. We also train our staff in the art of human relations. They are warm and receptive, and they listen to you when you explain what the problem is with your appliance. We also make an honest assessment of your appliance as we are in no way out to exploit you. Where your appliance is beyond repair, we will make sure we double check before we recommend a new appliance.