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Appliance Repair Experts Of Rockland County was set up to cater for the needs of homeowners’ when it comes to household appliances. Our quality repair services are carried out by our workers who are adept at assessing and identifying household appliances’ problems and using the right equipment to repair the appliance. We are tested and trusted, and our repair services have built a reputation for us in Rockland County. We have a system of service delivery that has given of this reputation. We work hard to maintain and improve on these service delivery standards. So you can be rest assured of our continued service delivery. All these at an affordable rate.

About Us

There’s no greater joy for us coming into your home when you’re distressed because of your faulty appliance and leaving you with a smile on your face. Our aim from the moment you contact us is to ensure that all your problems regarding your appliances are solved. We handle your appliances with care when doing the repairs, and we also treat you with respect while we are listing to your complaints about your appliances. You can be rest assured that our recommendations are coming from a place of honesty. We do not aim to exploit you in any way as we are transparent in all our dealings with you. We are after your satisfaction at the end of our service delivery.

Our Services

We have a wide variety of repair service delivery that can adequately cater for your appliances anytime they develop any fault. For every appliance, we have technicians who are knowledgeable about repairing every brand of that appliance. We encourage our workers to make sure they keep abreast of the different brands of every appliance. This has helped us to solve every appliance problem the people of Rockland County and its environs might have. Our appliance repair services are open to the people of Rockland County and its environs.

Appliance Repair Service

This is our umbrella service for every kind of household appliances commonly to most homes. Even though there are several appliances that we all use at home, we have people who know their way around all of them. They will deliver excellent repair service job when you contact us. We also give this on how to maintain your appliances so they can last you for as long as possible. Our workers are second to none in Rockland County when it comes to appliance repair. The numerous positive reviews we have received is a testament to this fact.

Refrigerator Repair

A refrigerator is an essential appliance in a home because it takes care of the food of the people in the house. It prevents food wastage and allows you to buy or cook food in large quantities and finish it over a long period. When it becomes faulty, it presents you with the problem of preserving the food stored in it. If not addressed immediately, your food will start to go bad. With our accessibility, it is easy to contact us to look at your refrigerator and prefer the best possible solution. You get value for your money.

Washing Machine Repair

The advent of washing machines has taken away the stress of hand washing your clothes one at a time. With a washing machine, you can wash multiple clothes at a time, and you are guaranteed clean clothes at the end of washing. However, when your washing machine develops a fault, it sends you back to the stone age by having to wash your clothes one by one with your hand. When this happens, contact us immediately, and we will come to your rescue. No matter the type of washing machine you use, we have someone capable of assessing and repairing it for you. Using the right tools and the best repair methods, you are guaranteed of your washing machine returning to its original state.


Dryer Repair

A dryer is an appliance that saves you time by drying your clothes in no time rather than spreading it outside and waiting for the sun to dry them for you. It is an appliance that saves you in a time of emergency. You may have a meeting and in a rush to meet up. With a functional washing machine and a dryer, you need not worry. Different things can go wrong with your dryer. Don’t stress yourself trying to fix it or trying to buy another dryer. We are your best bet to getting it working again.

Stove & Oven Repair

The stove and oven are both used to prepare, bake, grill, and warm food items. There are different types of these appliances, making it hard to get a capable repair contractor that knows how to handle your type of stove or oven. You don’t have to worry about that when you contact us. Our workers have years of experience under their belt and can handle whatever brand and type of stove and oven repair you may need.

Freezer Repair

A freezer works optimally below 0 degrees Celcius. It is best and most effective when this temperature is maintained to preserve the food items inside it. When it becomes faulty, your food items are at risk of getting bad, and you must address it as soon as possible. When you contact us, we answer your call immediately. We treat every request as an emergency because we know household appliances are essential to your everyday living. You don’t have to worry about pricing because it is what you can afford. We make sure you get real value for your money.

Contact Us For More Information

It is easy to contact us at Appliance Repair Expert Of Rockland County. You can visit our office in Rockland County or visit our website for more information about our services. You can also get our contact information on our website. Our service phone lines and emails are manned by competent customer service representatives who will direct you to the appropriate personnel when you contact us. What are you waiting for? Contact us today.

“I run a restaurant, and my freezer is one of my most prized assets. It suddenly started acting up by not freezing optimally. I thought I was out of gas, but my staff ad iced I call Appliance Repair Experts Of Rockland County. It turned out it was the thermostat that was faulty. It was replaced, and I couldn’t be more thankful.” – John M.

“I have a chest freezer in my kitchen, and I started noticing it vibrates and make install noises at intervals. One call to Appliance Repair Experts Of Rockland, and it was all sorted out.” – Rachel P.

“There’s nothing like having the best repair contractor at your beck and call. Any little fault on any of my appliances, I contact Appliance Repair Experts Of Rockland County. They have never disappointed me. You should try them too.” – Henry D.